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"We Are All In This Together"

Just like a lot of other Americans, I have been feeling all of the tension that has been happening in the country, which has made me question just how connected we really are anymore. 

I wanted to find out if we truly are as divided as it seems, so I decided to set off on a cross-country bicycle journey with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the human connection. I didn't bring any food or money with me, because I thought that would create a unique way of interacting with the people that I came in contact with.

The interactions in this film were captured by my hidden camera glasses, because I wanted to show the REAL, candid interactions that I had with people that I met along the way. I also brought a drone with me, to capture the landscape that I rode through, as well as a Gopro, to make the viewer feel like they were biking across the country with me.

The best part about producing this film was hearing people's stories, and realizing that there is much more that brings us together, than what separates us!

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