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1.Winner - San Francisco International Film Awards - Best Humanitarian Film.png
7. Winner - Los Angeles Film Awards - Best Inspirational Film.png
11. Winner - ReadingFilmFEST - Audience Award.png
14. Winner - Sherman Oaks Film Festival - Audience Award.png
2. Winner - New York International Film Awards - NYIFA - Best Inspirational Film.png
3. Winner - Chicago International Indie Film Festival - Best Feature Documentary.png
5. Winner - US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award - Best Picture (1).png
9. Winner - Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood - Best Feature Documentary.png
10. Winner - International Film Festival Manhattan - Advocacy Award.png
12. Winner - Super Prospect Hero Film Festival - Best Feature Documentary.png
13. Winner - Front Range International Film Festival - Best Feature Documentary.png
15. Winner - I See You Awards - Best Feature Documentary.png
Winner - Accolade Global Film Competition - Best Feature Documentary.png

About the Film

Just like a lot of other Americans, I have been feeling all
of the tension in the country, which has made me question
just how connected we really are anymore.

I wanted to find out if we truly are as divided as it seems, so I set off on a cross-country bicycle journey with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the human 
connection. I didn't bring any food or money with me because I thought that would create a unique way of interacting with the people that I came in concact with.

The interactions in the film were captured by my hidden
camera glasses because I wanted to show the REAL, candid conversations that I had with the people that I met. I also brought a drone with me to capture the landscape that I rode through, as well as a GoPro, to make the viewer feel like they were biking across the country with me.

After spending 7 months on the road and meeting all types of people, I realized that there is much more that brings us together, than what separates us.

Tom is a kind soul who creates cartoons about love, compassion and empathy. His kindness was captured in the documentary when he said, "If I was standing on the street, I would like somebody to help me too".

Tom is currently unhoused and would love to be able to sleep indoors again. If you would like to support his cartoons, click the link below.


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Daniel has spent the past 18 years learning alternative ways to travel. His films are a combination of adventure mixed with human connection. His first film, Two Wheels To Freedom, was featured in National Geographic Adventure, and his next film, "The Child Within", will be released in the spring of 2024. 

 Let's organize a live showing of the film to raise                money for your local homeless shelter!
Send me an email!

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